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Savannah J.
00:14 14 Jan 22
very happy about my smile
Kevin C.
21:13 11 Jan 22
Just got my braces off after two and a half years of treatment. They've been very helpful and supportive in helping me with my braces. Very professional and friendly, would recommend for those who want to get braces.
Carin M.
14:06 07 Jan 22
Great orthodontics care and service.
amanda D.
19:47 04 Jan 22
Everyone was really nice
Tyr M.
12:53 29 Oct 21
Very good service and workers.
Tricia C.
21:11 19 Oct 21
I definitely recommend coming here if your child needs braces. They're very good and patient with your kids and helping them overcome any fears that they have about the dentist. My daughter now has a perfect smile 😃
Kristi C.
15:43 18 Oct 21
Everyone was very friendly and made us feel like we were among friends or even family. Service was above expectations!
Yashdeep S.
23:15 11 Oct 21
Top notch service from start to finish. I love, love, love, when there is a good experience where business genuinely cares about their customers. I appreciate the honesty and was shocked that the first consultation is free of charge. I would have happily paid for that quality of service.
Frances O T.
13:45 28 Sep 21
Great service and friendly staff!
Jennifer M
22:36 23 Sep 21
Even through the pandemic I felt this office was professional and efficient. The staff is very kind and did their jobs well.
Samantha C.
14:26 12 Aug 21
The staff was friendly and professional. I was happily surprised with how quickly my son was able to get scheduled for a consultation and how quickly we were able to get him scheduled to get his braces.
Random P.
17:26 30 Jul 21
They’ve always been the sweetest to me and I LOVE my new smile!! Everybody is just so positive and I love the energy that is always in the building 🙂
Rosalind S.
21:12 20 Jul 21
Super nice and professional! They make getting your teeth worked on easy!
Valiant F.
21:19 15 Jul 21
Prices were reasonable. All employees were very polite, cheerful, and helpful throughout our entire journey. Orthodontists were great. Everything was explained well and the whole process was easy, even during COVID. Excellent notifications. They sent information out before I even thought to ask. Many thanks for a job well done and easy on the parents.
Anneke B.
13:59 15 Jul 21
Great customer service & atmosphere!!!
Paige Falk (.
17:23 12 Jul 21
I’ve been going to them for almost 10 years now for my orthodontics and my smile is perfect. I had a very bad jaw, and very crooked teeth, but they fixed it and now I love my smile. Thank you!
Elizabeth S
18:45 08 Jul 21
I went as a new patient - needed a routine repair to a permanent retainer. The staff were nice on the phone, were able to tell me the cost of the appointment ahead of time, and got me an appointment within 3 business days and accommodated my vacation schedule. At the appointment there was almost zero wait time, the dr answered all of my questions, and the repair was painless and seems thorough. I would go back if I needed to and would recommend.
23:38 02 Jul 21
Very Professional
Michelle K.
20:01 29 Jun 21
They are a great practice and have been very pleasant with my daughter for the last 2.5 years.
Amy L.
16:26 08 Jun 21
My son just got his braces off, and we are absolutely thrilled with the results!!! I can’t stop looking at his beautiful smile! Drs. Cassinelli, Shanker and Baker and staff were incredibly kind and confident in their work throughout the process. We could not be happier! I highly recommend Cassenelli, Shanker, & Baker for all your orthodontics needs!
YoGabba G.
15:11 28 May 21
Great doctors and staff! Recommend to go here!!
Cole B.
14:05 28 May 21
Very friendly doctors and staff. I had a great experience with amazing results.
Jessica W.
21:23 14 May 21
Wonderful staff and doctors! Great experience and highly recommend.
01:42 14 May 21
Amazing. Front desk receptionists are welcoming, the staff there are understanding and so kind. The doctors are awesome. Loved the results!
Max S.
21:54 28 Apr 21
I’ve got straight teeth now
Sean S.
18:56 27 Apr 21
Teeth feel grate... only time braces broke was because I did not follow the guidelines
David B.
18:24 23 Apr 21
I was very happy with the results and the professionalism of Cassinelli, Shanker and Baker. The whole staff was a pleasure and the way they handled COVID just proved what a competent group they are.
Cole H.
19:52 20 Apr 21
Great experience, couldn’t have asked for anything more
Taylor G.
23:33 07 Apr 21
If you want the best of the best opinions for orthodontic treatment, go here! Drs. Cassinelli, Shanker, and Baker are very meticulous in their work, are confident, personable, and honest. I would classify them as THE experts in orthodontics. The West Chester and Blue Ash offices run extremely efficiently and I never had an issue with appointments.
Barbie S.
20:35 24 Mar 21
I had an amazing experience! They are kind, compassionate, and it is such a pleasurable place to get orthodontic work 🙂 I would highly recommend! Anne, Bethany, Phyllis, and Dr. Shanker thank you a million! You were all amazing!!!
Cheryl C.
20:50 17 Mar 21
This practice is fabulous in every aspect and they have a great staff! Every assistant that I came into contact with is professional, caring and efficient. The physicians are top notch! I highly recommend this orthodontist practice.
Rob D.
16:20 17 Mar 21
I took my 12 year old with special needs in for a consult. They were very patient and accommodating to our needs and answered all of my questions. They did not push their services on us and gave us what I believe were honest answers about what was necessary and what was not.
Nathan C.
21:34 10 Mar 21
Every time we come in the staff is so friendly and informative. Always smiling and courteous to everyone! Top notch service with a smile 😊
Jennifer T.
17:14 04 Mar 21
Highly recommend. They are professional and provide amazing patient experience.
Brian U.
18:00 02 Mar 21
This place is amazing. High quality people that make high quality smiles!
ava W.
14:20 25 Feb 21
staff were always super nice!! just got my braces off and i’ll miss the amazing staff
Hannah P.
18:35 17 Feb 21
had braces for three years and my teeth came out looking fabulous!
Molly T.
19:16 03 Oct 20
Phenomenal practice!
Caleb D.
19:09 17 Sep 20
3 years of appointments took good care of me.
13:38 21 Jul 20
great!! friendly workers and explained what was happening along the way.
Cindy L.
18:22 13 Nov 19
Very happy with our braces experience
Brittany D.
15:28 25 Aug 19
My experience with Cassinelli & Shanker Orthodontics was absolutely amazing! I have always wanted braces my entire life and as a child I wasn’t lucky enough to have them. Here I am now mid 20s, with a perfect smile and I could never be happier. These Drs are simply amazing at what they do. They don’t make you feel embarrassed for your teeth, they explain throughout your entire process what is needed and expected and are there for you always if you have any questions. Their team is also wonderful. Everyone there is very friendly and actually care about you. I am so glad that I went with my gut and took care of something I wanted my entire life and I honestly couldn’t do it without their help. Thank you Cassinelli & Shanker Orthodontics for fulfilling my dreams and making me actually happy to smile now! You guys are awesome! 😁
Rebecca S.
18:21 16 Aug 19
As an adult getting braces I was somewhat particular about where I would go. I loved going here. Every time I was in they were welcoming and helpful. They always addressed any issues or concerns I had immediately and took their time to understand my concerns and explain their answers. I saw many adults and many children during my time with braces and everyone was treated well. I would highly recommend Cassinelli and Shanker if you’re looking into braces.
William B.
13:25 10 May 19
Very happy with my end result teeth!!
Max T.
19:02 17 Apr 19
Great and the braces were off fast
ryan O.
13:10 12 Apr 19
I have a huge fear of the dentist/anything related to dental care, so when my permanent retainer of 14 yrs came loose and moved a tooth, I was terrified. I randomly called Cassinelli & Shankers office and made an appointment. They couldn’t have been nicer! The staff, techs, & orthodontists were all so kind and eased any fears I had. I ended up doing the Invisalign trays and they worked really well! I love that I can text the office if I need to and I always received a quick reply. If I ever need any more ortho work, I’ll definitely come back to this office. (I really hope I don’t though! 😂)
Laurie S.
18:29 13 Mar 19
THe best in service and skills!!! Thank you so much.
Lydia H.
18:57 20 Feb 19
All the staff is very very friendly and welcoming and I was felt comfortable every time I came in
Beth T.
17:43 15 Jan 19
Overall great experience. Everyone was friendly and helpful. It runs smoothly and they are always on time.
Chef L.
22:05 13 Dec 18
Before, during, and after my daughters consultation, the staff was so nice and friendly!!!! My nerves were already on level 15 before we arrived at the appt. However, listening to the staff break down the results really put my mind at ease. Being there made us feel like we were home. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. CASSINELLI....
Katie A.
22:19 18 Oct 18
The Staff was extremely nice and understanding!! And the office it’s self was so nice!!
Caroline K.
20:26 12 Oct 18
I have had a great experience. I first starting going there in 4th grade and now I am a senior in highschool. All the assistance are so nice, and both Dr. Cassinelli and Dr. Shanker are great! Highly recommend going here for orthodonture.
Carey C.
17:38 20 Sep 18
My son went through his orthodontics treatment here and we’re very pleased with the results. The staff is super nice, too. I’ll be back when my youngest is ready for braces!
Amy B.
18:40 05 Sep 18
The entire staff was great to work with in both offices. I was pleased throughout the entire process and my end result was exactly what I had hoped.
Pam B R.
17:01 17 Aug 18
Skilled people who are good at what they do. Pleasant, flexible and best of all, organized.I recommend them highly.
15:59 24 Jul 18
I had a transition from one orthodontist to this one during my time with braces and it went very well.
Ami K.
13:46 18 Jul 18
The service, the space, and Dr. Shanker himself far exceeded my expectations - PHENOMENAL!
Jay P.
14:33 22 May 18
Dr. Cassinelli and Shanker are colleagues (I'm also an orthodontist) of mine and amazing orthodontists. I no longer live in the area but I find myself referring friends to their office. They are gifted practitioners and even better people. You can't go wrong with their office.
Chris C.
00:17 21 May 18
The level of excellence by the doctors and staff is second to none. I was truly pleased with my treatment and would recommend them to anyone.
Mikal J.
14:40 15 May 18
Great experience with very professional staff!
Melissa H.
14:48 01 May 18
I could not be more happy with the way my teeth turned out!!! From my consultation to the day I got my braces off has been nothing short of an amazing experience. As an adult going back to braces was very humbling and I was treated with nothing but kindness and respect. I always felt welcome and the entire team gave me excellent care! If you are considering an orthodontist practice, you will not be disappointed!
chris B.
17:15 11 Apr 18
After having my children’s teeth issues addressed, I decided it was my turn. Where did I choose to go for Invisalign? Well, I trusted the care and results my children experienced from Cassinelli & Shanker Orthodontics, so of course I looked no further for myself! I am so pleased with my results, the staff is a joy to experience and I can’t say enough about the care I received from all of the orthodontists!!!Thank you 😊
Ian T.
21:58 04 Apr 18
I am extremely grateful and satified with my experience. The service was excellent, professional and friendly every single time. I would recommend everyone to visit this office.
Kelsey B.
19:51 22 Mar 18
Hearing I needed braces as an adult crushed me initially. I was absolutely dreading getting them and going through the process again since I had already had them as a child. However, I am SO happy I was referred to Cassinelli and Shanker Orthodontics. Not only are they friendly and welcoming, but I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know their staff. Most importantly, they kept me informed of everything they were doing through the entire process and even made sure to stick to the deadline I was hoping for. I really wanted to get the braces off before my best friend’s wedding and they made that happen! I am so happy with the turn out and highly recommend this team to anyone in need of orthodontics!
Brian H.
18:47 14 Feb 18
Did an awesome job with both my son and daughter. Drs Shanker and Cassinelli have been amazing! Highly recommended!!
Julie M.
22:03 07 Feb 18
Very friendly and inviting staff! Bev and Dr. Cassinelli explained everything thoroughly. My daughter felt very comfortable and liked the staff!
Amanda H.
16:16 04 Jan 18
Great office, new patient coordinator is really nice and welcoming. They have screens to show you digitally what work they would like to plan and how it will impact your child's mouth. Really helpful!
Emily B.
15:52 13 Dec 17
I am a general dentist and have worked with Drs. Shanker & Cassinelli for many years. I appreciate that they are both Board Certified Orthodontic Specialists. They are not only tremendously talented practitioners, they are also of very high character. I recommend them to anyone seeking orthodontic care in the West Chester & Cincinnati areas.
Owen W.
18:40 15 Nov 17
Great experience would definitely recommend!